Finding Aids in University Archives

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Main Name Titlesort descending
Alpha Kappa Alpha, Omicron Kappa Chapter Alpha Kappa Alpha, Omicron Kappa Chapter Records, 2008
Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega Records, 1985-2005
American Military History Course American Military History Course Records, 2007-2011
Appalachian Consortium Appalachian Consortium Records, 1970-2004
Appalachian Literary Society Appalachian Literary Society Records, 1905-1912
Appalachian Parents Association Appalachian Parents Association Records, 1989-1998
Appalachian Staff Council Appalachian Staff Council Records, 1974-2004
Appalachian State Teachers College Appalachian State Teachers College Records, 1927-1967
Appalachian State University Artifacts Appalachian State University Artifacts Collection, 1867-2000
Appalachian State University Foundation, Inc. Appalachian State University Foundation, Inc. Records, 1929-2008
Appalachian State University Memory Project Appalachian State University Memory Project, 2006-2017, Undated
Appalachian State University Women's Club Appalachian State University Women's Club Records, 1920-1999
Appalachian Studies Appalachian Studies Program Records, 1977-1992
Appalachian Training School Appalachian Training School Collection, 1900-1931
Association of Non-Traditional Students Association of Non-Traditional Students Records, 1998-2000
Arts and Sciences, College of College of Arts and Sciences Records, 1962-2008
Anthropology, Department of Department of Anthropology Records, 1987-1997
Art, Department of Department of Art Records, 1976-1985
Athletics, Department of Department of Athletics Records, 1952-1999
Academic Affairs, Office of Office of Academic Affairs Records, 1962-2009
Admissions, Office of Office of Admissions Records, 1989, undated
Alumni Affairs, Office of Office of Alumni Affairs Records, 1934-2002
Main Name Titlesort descending
Phillips, Anna Boyce Anna Boyce Phillips Papers, 1900-1994
Philosophy and Religion, Department of Department of Philosophy and Religion Records, 1970-1996
Psychology, Department of Department of Psychology Records, 1965-1992
Pritchett, John A. John A. Pritchett Photographic Collection, 1952-1960
Parks, Louise Louise Parks' Scrapbook, 1928-1931
Peacock, Kenneth E. Office of the Chancellor, Kenneth E. Peacock Records, 1989-2007
Plemmons, William H. Office of the President, William H. Plemmons Records, 1955-1984
Physical Plant Physical Plant Records, 1931-2003
Main Name Titlesort descending
Rufty, Annie Dougherty Annie Dougherty Rufty Letters, 1979
Ross, Carl Carl Ross Faculty Papers, 1973-1989
Registrar, Office of the Office of the Registrar Records, 1986-1991
Reich College of Education Reich College of Education Records, 1953-2003
Main Name Titlesort descending
Dougherty, Blanford Barnard Blanford Barnard Dougherty Collection, 1903-1957
Data Processing and Management Association Data Processing and Management Association Records, 1990
Department of English Department of English Records
Department of Public Education Development of Public Education in Watauga County, N.C. Manuscript, circa 1976
Dougherty Clothing Collection, 1900s-1930s Dougherty Clothing Collection, 1900s-1930s
Dougherty, B.B. Dougherty Family Bible, 1901
Dinkins, John W. John W. Dinkins Collection, 1965-1989, undated
Douglas, Mary Peacock Mary Peacock Douglas Papers, 1936-1973
Design and Construction, Office of Office of Design and Construction Records, 1988-2002
Main Name Titlesort descending
Blueprints and Architectural Drawings Blueprints and Architectural Drawings, 1928-2010
Board of Trustees Board of Trustees Records, 1968-2003
Brown-Scoggins Brown-Scoggins Collection, 1866-2003
Business Affairs Business Affairs. New York Loft and App House Records, 1981-1993
Badgett, Carolyne Hamlin Carolyne Hamlin Badgett Letters, 1957-1958
Biology, Department of Department of Biology Records, 1972-2004
Bussiere, Agnes Gregory and Agnes Bussiere Collection, 1940-2006
Busbin, O. Mell Mell Busbin Papers, 1912-1999, Undated
Business Affairs, Office of Office of Business Affairs Records, 1925-2003
Borkowski, Francis T. Office of the Chancellor. Francis T. Borkowski Records, 1976-2005
Main Name Titlesort descending
Smith, Catherine J. Catherine J. Smith Gallery Collection, 1991-1994
Sociology and Social Work, Department of Department of Sociology and Social Work Collection,1969-1996, Undated
Student Development, Division of Division of Student Development Records, 1971-2003
Student Programs, Division of Division of Student Programs Records, 1979-1992
Student Conduct, Office of Office of Student Conduct Records, 1983-2008
Student Financial Aid, Office of Office of Student Financial Aid Records, 1959-1988, Undated
Summer Sessions, Office of Office of Summer Sessions Records, 1961-2005
Snead, Robert Earl Robert Earl Snead Collection, 1969-1999
Sexuality and Gender Alliance Club Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) Club Records, 2005-2007
Student Government Association Student Government Association Collection, 1954-2013, Undated
Main Name Titlesort descending
Centennial Campaign Centennial Campaign Records, 1963-1999
Cratis D. Williams Graduate School Cratis D. Williams Graduate School and Research & Sponsored Programs Records, 1964-2002
Chemistry, Department of Department of Chemistry Records, 1961-1995
Communication, Department of Department of Communication Records, 1967-2003
Continuing Education, Division of Division of Continuing Education Records, 1964-1998
Computer and Management Services, Office of Office of Computer and Management Services Records, 1979-1991
Conferences and Institutes, Office of Office of Conferences and Institutes Records, 1958-2001
Cultural Affairs, Office of Office of Cultural Affairs Records, 1975-1997
Chancellor, Office of the Office of the Chancellor - UNC General Administration Records, 1972-2002
Coffey, Robert F. Robert F. Coffey Papers, 1931-1941
Main Name Titlesort descending
Fine and Applied Arts, College of College of Fine and Applied Arts Records, 1968-1999
Family and Consumer Sciences, Department of Department of Family and Consumer Sciences Records, 1962-2007
Faculty Senate Faculty Senate Records, 1967-2006, Undated
Freshman Seminar Office Freshman Seminar Office Records, 1950-2007
Force, Lorraine Lorraine Force Manuscript "Have you Lost your Senses?," undated
Main Name Titlesort descending
Economics, Department of Department of Economics Records, 1978-1999
Equity, Diversity, and Compliance, Office of Office of Equity, Diversity, and Compliance Records, 1967-1997
Main Name Titlesort descending
Geography and Planning, Department of Department of Geography and Planning Records, 1928-1971
Geology, Department of Department of Geology Records, 1972-2004
Government and Justice Studies, Department of Department of Government and Justice Studies Records, 1978-1998
Gamma Beta Phi Gamma Beta Phi Scrapbooks, 1981-1988
General College General College Records, 1963-1990
Graduate Student Association Senate Graduate Student Association Senate Records, 1981-2001
General Studies, Office of Office of General Studies Records, 1969-2001
German, Daniel B. The Daniel German and Marvin Hoffman North Carolina Environmental Issues Surveys, 1991
Main Name Titlesort descending
Health, Leisure, and Exercise Science, Department of Department of Health, Leisure, and Exercise Science Records, 1967-1983
History, Department of Department of History Records, 1965-2009
Human Development and Psychological Counseling, Department of Department of Human Development and Psychological Counseling Records, 1969-1997
Hayes School of Music Hayes School of Music Records, 1958-2004
Hughlene Bostian Frank Visiting Writers Series Hughlene Bostian Frank Visiting Writers Series Records, 1994-2012
Human Resource Services Human Resource Services Records, 1973-2001, Undated
Haynes, James Franklin James Franklin Haynes Memories of Appalachian State, undated
Hackney, Mary Elizabeth Mary Elizabeth Hackney Collection, 1930-1941
Huff, Mary Mary Huff Poems, 1938-1949
Howe, Richard D. Richard Howe Papers, 1921-2009, Undated
Hubbard Center for Faculty Development and Instructional Services The Hubbard Center for Faculty Development Records, 1961-1993
Main Name Titlesort descending
Language, Reading, and Exceptionalities, Department of Department of Language, Reading, and Exceptionalities Records, 1973-1990
Leadership and Educational Studies, Department of Department of Leadership and Educational Studies Records, 1937-1990
Lindsay, James Gordon James Gordon Lindsay Papers, 1969-1992
Learning Assistance Program Learning Assistance Program/Upward Bound Records, 1972-2003
Lectures, Concerts, and Events Lectures, Concerts, and Events Audio-Visual Collection, 1949-2002
Library Science Club Library Science Club Papers, 1949-1978
Main Name Titlesort descending
Mathematical Sciences, Department of Department of Mathematical Sciences Records, 1978-1992
McFadden, Margaret Margaret McFadden Papers, 1910-2009 (bulk, 1977-2009)
Media Services Media Services Records, 1974-1988
Men's Glee Club Men's Glee Club Records, 1980-1993
Music and Art Club Music and Art Club Records, 1946-1947
Moore, Richter H., Jr. Richter H. Moore, Jr. Papers, 1960-1991
McGowan, Thomas A. Thomas McGowan Papers, 1986-1992
Main Name Titlesort descending
Nursing, Department of Department of Nursing Records, 2008
National Center for Developmental Education National Center for Developmental Education Records, 1930-1998
New River Light and Power Company New River Light and Power Company Records, 1967-1987
New River Light and Power Company Research Project New River Light and Power Company Research Project, 1987-2006
Nicholas Erneston Music Library Nicholas Erneston Music Library Records, 1972-1997
Main Name Titlesort descending
University Advancement, Division of Division of University Advancement Records, 1911-2008
University Attorney, Office of the Office of the University Attorney Records, 1986-2001
University Annual Reports University Annual Reports, 1961-2010
University Archives University Archives Ephemera Collection, 1924-present
University Archives Oral History Collection University Archives Oral History Collection, 1956-2000, Undated
University Archives and Records University Archives Records, 1903-2008
University Charter University Charter Documents, 1903-1999
University Archives and Records University Committees and Task Forces Collection, 1967-1995
University Communications University Communications Records, 1920-2008
University Deeds University Deeds, 1900-2000
University Honors Program Council University Honors Program Records, 1987-2002
University Library University Library Records, 1905-2011
University Photograph Collection University Photograph Collection, 1920-2007
University Recreation University Recreation Records, 1989-1993
Urban-Rural Cooperative Center Urban-Rural Cooperative Center Records, 1973-2005
Main Name Titlesort descending
Thompson, Ella W. Ella W. Thompson and Lloyd L. Hobbs Collection, 1909-2007
Teague, Mildred Mildred Teague Papers, 1941-1945
Thomas, John Edwin Office of the Chancellor. John E. Thomas Records, 1953-1996
Training Teachers of Teachers Program Training Teachers of Teachers Records, 1952-1984
Main Name Titlesort descending
Justice, Ila Taylor Ila T. Justice Papers, 1948-1988
John A. Walker College of Business John A. Walker College of Business Records, 1961-2005
Jamison, W. Thomas W. Thomas Jamison Papers, 1978-1990
Main Name Titlesort descending
Instructional Technology Center Instructional Technology Center Records, 1978-2003
Internship Office Internship Office Collection, 1965-1988, Undated
Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning, Office of Office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning Records, 1960-2004
Internal Audits, Office of Office of Internal Audits Records, 1955-2004
International Education and Development, Office of Office of International Education and Development Records, 1973-2003
Main Name Titlesort descending
Winkler, J. Paul J. Paul Winkler Scrapbooks, 1934-1973
Walker, John A. John A. Walker Collection, 1972-1992
Workman, John H. John Workman Film Collection, 1930-1959
Wey, Herbert W. Office of the Chancellor. Herbert W. Wey Records, 1950-1979
White, R. Bruce R. Bruce White Papers, 1900-1909
Western North Carolina Library Network Western North Carolina Library Network Records, 1987-1994
Women's Studies Women's Studies Program Records, 1970-2003
Main Name Titlesort descending
Organization on the Status of Women Organization on the Status of Women Records, 1973-1989, Undated
Main Name Titlesort descending
Kirkpatrick, Rickey C. Rickey C. Kirkpatrick Papers, 1978-2001
Main Name Titlesort descending
Veal, Rosa Rosa Veal Papers, 1939-1943
Main Name Titlesort descending
Young Democrats Student Organization Young Democrats Student Organization Records, 1988-1992