Films and Recordings in the W.L. Eury Appalachian Collection


Awake My Soul: The Story of The Sacred Harp. Atlanta, GA: Awake Productions, 2006. ASU APP COLL DVDISC 165

Blue Ridge Shape Notes: Singing a New Song in an Old Way. Boone, NC: Watauga County Arts Council, 2004. ASU APP COLL DVDISC 35   

FA-So-La-Mi: The Sounds of Faith. Tuscaloosa, AL: University of Alabama Television Services, 1990. ASU APP COLL VIDEO VC 304 

Shape Note Talk: March 27, 2008.  Boone, NC: Appalachian State University, 2008. ASU APP COLL DVDISC 208

Sweet is the Day: A Sacred Harp Family Portrait. Alabama: Alabama Folklife Association, 2001. ASU APP COLL VIDEO DVDISC 1



African-American Note Choirs of Alexander County, North Carolina.  Lexington, NC: Car Tunes Recordings, 2003. ASU APP COLL CDISC 1112

American Angels: Songs of Hope, Redemption & Glory. Los Angeles, CA: Harmonia Mundi, 2003. ASU MUSIC RCRDNG CD-4348

And Glory Shone Above. Cambridge, MA: Rounder Records, 1998. ASU APP COLL CD 170

Back Roads to Cold Mountain. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, 2004. ASU APP COLL CDISC 816

Bound for Canaan: Sacred Harp Singing from Sand Mountain, Alabama.  Birmingham, AL: Hollow Square Productions, 1990. ASU APP COLL TAPES 574

Goodbye, Babylon. Atlanta, GA: Dust-to-Digital, 2003. ASU APP COLL CDISC 1406

Harp of a Thousand Strings. Cambridge, MA: Rounder Records, 1998. ASU APP COLL CDISC 1583

Heaven’s My Home, 1927-1928. Charlottesville, VA: County Records, 2004. ASU APP COLL CDISC 978

I Belong to this Band (Original Sacred Harp). Atlanta, GA: Dust-to-Digital, 2006. ASU APP COLL CDISC 1313

Joe Beasley Memorial Sacred Heart Album. Stillwater, NY: Jean Seiler, 1999. ASU APP COLL CDISC 891.

Music of the Americas, 1492-1992. Orleans, MA: Gloriae Dei Cantores, 1992. ASU MUSIC RCRDNG CD 1823

Never Part Again: New Harp of Columbia Singing from the William H. Headrick Chapel. Collegedale, TN: John Lamb, 2001. ASU APP COLL CDISC 468

Old Harp Singing. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Folkways Records, 1992. ASU APP COLL TAPES 651

Original Sacred Harp. Rome, GA: National Recording Corporation, 2000. ASU APP COLL CDISC 1585

Religion is a Fortune: Sacred Harp Singing. Various Groups. Early 1900s.  Charlottesville, VA: Country Records, 2004.ASU APP COLL CDISC 975

Rise My Soul: Old Harp Singing from Wear’s Valley. Harrison, TN: John Lamb, 2005. ASU APP COLL CDISC 1185

Sacred Harp. Selections. New York, NY: New World Records, 1997. ASU APP COLL CDISC 171.

Sacred Harp Singing. Cambridge, MA: Rounder, 1998. ASU APP COLL CDISC 160

White Spirituals from The Sacred Harp: The Alabama Sacred Harp Convention. New York: New World Records, 1977.ASU APP COLL CDISC 43


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