Guide to the John Andrew Rice Papers, 1711 - 2004, undated (bulk 1932-1959)

Summary Information

Title: John Andrew Rice Papers, 1711 - 2004, undated (bulk 1932-1959)
Collection: AC.318
Extent: 7.5 linear feet (15 boxes)

The John Andrew Rice, Jr. Papers contain the literary remains and personal papers of John Rice, founder of Black Mountain College. The collection includes materials relating to the founding and early years of Black Mountain College.

Creator: Rice, John A., 1888-1968

Biographical/Historical Note

John Andrew Rice, Jr. (1888-1968) was born in South Carolina to Reverend John A. Rice, Sr. and his first wife, Anna Belle Smith Rice.  He attended Oxford as an early Rhodes Scholar and worked as the Head of the Classics Department in the New Jersey College for Women. He worked at Rollins College until he was dismissed in 1933. Later that same year, he founded the Black Mountain College. He left Black Mountain amid controversy in 1938. From 1943 to 1957, he was a self-employed writer. He wrote the autobiographical I Came Out of the 18th Century (1942), Local Color (1957), and various short stories.

Rice married Nell Aydelotte, the sister of Frank Aydelotte of Swarthmore College, and, in 1942, Dikka Moen. He and Nell had three children: John Andrew III (b. and d. 1914), Mary (1916), and Frank (b. 1918). He and Dikka had children: Peter N. (1943) and Elizabeth D. (unknown). Peter had a congenital heart problem and attended Shrub Oak Central School of Shrub Oak, New York. In the 1940s, Rice lived in Arkansas and Sarasota, Florida while working on his writing. Dikka was a librarian.

Mary Rice was in the House of Delegates from Virginia in 1966. She married Roger Marshall.

Dr. John Andrew Rice, Sr. (1862-1930) was born in Colleton County, South Carolina on September 25, 1862 to Richard Blake Rice, M.D. and Rachel Jane Liston Rice. His degrees included South Carolina College (1887), Presbyterian Seminary (1886), the University of Chicago, University of South Carolina (1894, D.D., 1905, LLD), and University of Alabama (1906, LLD). He worked as a Methodist Minister and founded Alabama Womens' College. He died in 1930.

In 1887, Rice, Sr. married Anna Belle Smith, who died in 1900. While enrolled in the University of Chicago, their sons lived with Rice's mother. In 1902, he married Launa Darnell, daughter of Reverend T.L. Darnell of Tennessee. His children with Anna were John Andrew Jr., Liston McCleod, Coke Smith and an unnamed son. His children with Launa were Richard Darnell, Elizabeth and William Mafil.

Scope and Contents

Materials include the literary remains and personal papers of John Andrew Rice, Jr.  Rice founded Black Mountain College in Black Mountain, North Carolina in 1933. Correspondence relating to the College, over 200 pages of manuscript notes toward a memoir of its founding and early years, student evaluations, and other papers related to his tenure there are located in Series II.

Also in this collection are unpublished short stories (along with drafts, notes and corrections), the typescript for I Came Out of the Eighteenth Century, personal correspondence, papers about Rice's career at Rollins College and the University of Nebraska, research notes and materials on several topics, including writings on Jonathan Swift and family history, play scripts, and drafts. Much of the drafts & corrections material could not be sorted so it is filed under 'Mixture' and 'Unfininshed Manuscripts'.

Series V: Audio Material consists an interview of Rice conducted by Martin B. Duberman, which took place June 10, 1967 in Barnesville, MD. A transcript of this interview can be found in Series I, Box 1, Folder 7.


The collection is arranged into six series: Series I: Personal Correspondence and Related Papers, Series II: Black Mountain College, Series III: Academic Career and Research Papers, Series IV: Literary Works & Related Papers, Series V: Audio Material, and Series VI: Oversize. Within each series, folders are generally arranged alphabetically.

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This collection is open for use in the Dougherty Reading Room. The Dougherty Reading Room is located on the 4th floor of Belk Library in Special Collections.

Acquisitions Information

The W.L. Eury Appalachian Collection purchased this collection in its entirety from L & T Respess Books in July, September 2004 and October 2004. Its accession number is AC.2004.018. It was opened to the public in Spring 2007.

Processing Information

Processed by Kathryn Staley, Rachel Critzer, February 2007; Encoded by Kathryn Staley, Rachel Critzer, February 2007; Reprocessed and finding aid revised by Anita Elliott, January 2013. This collection was reprocessed as part of a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. The grant funded extensive processing of the backlog within the W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection between 2012 and 2014. Finding aid revised 10 October 2017 by Dustin Witsman.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], AC.318: John Andrew Rice Papers, W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC, USA.

Container List

Series I: Personal Correspondence and Related Papers, circa 1870s-1999, undated  (Bulk, 1930-1967)

Series Description

Personal Correspondence and Related Papers Series contains correspondence to and from Rice. Letters are from Rice's days in Oxford, England, Black Mountain College, and afterwards. Letters cover classwork, family life, financial circumstances, Rice's literary life, his beliefs on racial issues, his strained relationships with his family members, and his relationship with his second wife. It also includes his family genealogy.

Biography & Family Tree, John A. Rice, Sr., 1927-1999, undated 

Box 1.1
Correspondence, from Lily (a maid) to Rices, 1948-1950, undated  Box 1.2
Correspondence, re: John A. Rice, Jr.'s Obituary, 1968-1969  Box 1.3
Correspondence, re: Tapes done by Mike Weaver in 1967 with Dr. Rice, 1967-1970  Box 1.4
Correspondence & Thesis, on John A. Rice, Jr. by Linda-Mei Leong, 1969  Box 1.5
Dance Card and Note Pad, of Miss Nell Aydolette, 1913 and undated  Box 1.6
Income Tax Returns, John A. Rice, Jr., 1942-1962, undated  Box 1.7
Interview Transcript, of John A. Rice, Jr. by Martin Duberman, June 10, 1967  Box 1.8
Newspaper Clippings, June 30, 1930-June 6, 1968, undated  Box 1.9
Personal Correspondence by Date, 1912-March 1916  Box 1.10
Personal Correspondence by Date, April-December 1916  Box 1.11
Personal Correspondence by Date, 1917-1939  Box 1.12
Personal Correspondence by Date, 1940-1943  Box 2.1
Personal Correspondence by Date, 1944-1949  Box 2.2
Personal Correspondence by Date, 1950-1955  Box 2.3
Personal Correspondence by Date, 1956-2004  Box 2.4
Personal Correspondence by Date, undated  Box 2.5
Photo, b&w, John A. Rice, Jr. with 10 other people, undated  Box 2.6
Photo, b&w, John A. Rice, Sr. & bro. William, ca. 1870s  Box 2.7

Photos, b&w, People Skiing and European Tourist Sights, ca. 1930

Box 2.8
Photos, b&w, Roger W. Marshall and wife Mary Rice, ca. 1942  Box 2.9
Receipts, Bills, Notes, Personal, 1927-1954, undated Box 2.10
School, Peter and Elisabeth Rice, 1949-1958, undated Box 2.11
War Ration Books, to Peter Nicholai Rice & John Andrew Rice, 1943 Box 2.12
Will and Correspondence, Miss Minnie Godley, 1958-1959 Box 2.13

Series II: Black Mountain College, 1925-1951, undated

Series Description

This series includes correspondence directly related to Black Mountain College's creation and Rice's removal from Black Mountain College as well as students' evaluations, and publications about Black Mountain College. A memoir of Rice's is also included. Notable correspondents include Charles Olson, Louis and Stella Adamic, John Dewey, Ted Dreier, Frederick and Isabel Mangold, and George Grice.

Articles, 1942-1979, undated  Box 2.14
Correspondence & Book Contract, with Wesleyan University Press, 1963-1970 Box 2.15
Correspondence, re: Black Mountain College, 1931-1936, undated Box 2.16
Correspondence, re: Black Mountain College, 1937-1954 Box 2.17
Correspondence, re: Black Mountain College, 1955-1963 Box 2.18
Discussion Transcripts, re: Organization of College, ca. 1937-1951 Box 3.1
Faculty Meeting Minutes, 1936, undated Box 3.2
Letters, to Mrs. Parsons, 1934-1935 Box 3.3
List of Books, from John Dreier to Black Mountain College, November 2, 1933 Box 3.4
Memoir, Early Days of Rice at Black Mountain College, undated Box 3.5
Notebook, Notes, Questions, etc., undated Box 3.6
Papers, of Louis Adamic, 1937-1939, 1951, undated Box 3.7
Registration & Financial Statements, 1935-1937 Box 3.8
Student-Related Papers, 1925-1936, undated Box 3.9

Series III: Academic Career and Research Papers, 1711-1963, undated  (Bulk, 1925-1959)

Series Description

Correspondence relating to Rice's association with and dismissal from Rollins College, as well as several of his research notes on many topics and in several languages, his Guggenheim Foundation relationship, and several reports and collected materials are included in this series.

Notecards, undated  Box 4
Notecards, undated  Box 5
Address Book, undated Box 6.1
Admission Tickets, to J.A. Rice, Jr. from the British Museum and Public Records Office, 1929-1930 Box 6.2
Bodleian Library, Oxford-'Manual for Readers and Visitors', October 8, 1912 Box 6.3
Booklet, 'Fred Bason goes Fishing', ca. 1959 Box 6.4
Booklet, 'The Holy Spirit of Man' by A.C. Swinburne, 1945 Box 6.5
Memo Book, J.A. Rice's Notes, 1928-1929 Box 6.6
Notebook, J.A. Rice, few notes, ca. 1931 Box 6.7
Notebook, Rice's from Germany & England, all German Language, ca. 1911 Box 6.8
Oxford University Pocket Diary, 1911-1912 Box 6.9
Passport, for John A. Rice, Jr., Nell, Frank & Mary Rice, issued May 29, 1929 Box 6.10
Small Address Book, Rice's Name on front page, most written in ___language, undated Box 6.11
Small Notebook, Names, Address, Notes, etc., ca. 1930 Box 6.12
Articles, Rollins College, 1931-ca. 1959, undated Box 7.1
Certificates, German for Wolfgung Weidgartner, 1934-1937, undated Box 7.2
Constitution & By-Laws, SEACROFT: A Workers' Educational Community, undated Box 7.3
Correspondence, relating to Career & Works, 1925-1962, undated Box 7.4
Correspondence, with Guggenheim Foundation, 1927-1963, undated Box 7.5
Correspondence, with Rollins College, 1930-1949 Box 7.6
Correspondence & Papers, Fred C. Kelly, 1956-1959, undated Box 7.7
Guggenheim Fellowship Correspondence & Awards, 1927-1963, undated  Box 7.8
Letter & Faculty Tenure Statement, of Philip O. Kenney, June 1937 Box 7.9
Letter Draft, to H.W. Tyler, A.A.U.P., re: Dismissal from Rollins College, April 24, 1933 Box 7.10
Meeting Minutes, Rollins College Faculty, 1931, undated Box 7.11
Newsletter, American Association of University Professors, 1929 Box 7.12
Notes, American Levasi Lenoir #1, undated Box 7.13
Notes, American Levasi Lenoir #2, undated Box 7.14
Papers, Medica-Bibliographical Study No. 3 & No. 4, by Le Roy Crummer, 1926 & 1927 Box 8.1
Papers, re: Dingley and E. Johnson, with other Documents (copies), 1712-1723, undated  Box 8.2

Pedigree Charts, Edward Johnson, undated 

Box 8.3

Possible Lectures, Various Titles, undated 

Box 8.4

Possible Lectures, Various Titles, undated 

Box 8.5

Report, "An American Bookshelf" List, Final Copy, 1956-1957 

Box 8.6

Research, D'Avenant Pedigree, undated 

Box 8.7

Research, Dingley Family History and Rice's Notes, undated 

Box 8.8

Research, from the British Museum, 1711, 1930, undated 

Box 8.9

Research, Reprinted Art, 1798-1898, undated 

Box 8.10

Research, Swift Family & Writings History, 1928-1932, undated 

Box 8.11

Research, 'To Gualo' and other 1720 Notes, undated 

Box 8.12

Research, Various Topics, 1929-1945, undated 

Box 8.13

Research/Dissertation, 'Ad Gualonem', undated 

Box 8.14

Research Materials, Articles & Periodicals, 1922-1961, undated 

Box 8.15

Research and Writings/Notes, 1925, undated 

Box 8.16

Speech, 'The Exceptional Student' by J.A. Rice in Iowa City, Iowa, 1925-1938 

Box 8.17

Series IV: Literary Works & Related Papers, 1930-1961, undated

Series Description

Rice's writings were plentiful; therefore, many drafts, corrections, notes, and thoughts are filed in this series, along with those manuscripts identified by title. These have been sorted as thoroughly as possible, leaving a few folders of mixed papers full of notes, corrections, and unknown relationships with the titled works. Dr. Rice also authored a few plays as well as short stories. Correspondence with his publishing agent Curtis Brown Ltd. and numerous publishers are filed with this series. Also included in this series is a book by Pria Devi, 'Jahangir Sabavala', autographed "To Stephen" by Jahangir, August 1985.

Book, 'Jehangir Sabavala' by Pria Devi, Box 9.15
Controversy, with 'I Came Out of the Eighteenth Century' Book, 1938-1945 Box 9.1
Correspondence, with Curtis Brown LTD (Agent), 1946-1962, undated Box 9.2
Correspondence, with Publishing Companies, 1930-1968, undated Box 9.3
Drafts of Papers, Unknown Titles, undated Box 9.4

Fan Mail, Rice's Books and Papers, 1939-1955, undated 

Box 9.5

Foreword, for 'Local Color' by John A. Rice, written by Erskine Caldwell, ca. 1955 

Box 9.6

Incomplete List of Misstatements in Chapter on Langley in 'Men of Science in America', John A. Rice, undated 

Box 9.7

Manuscript, about 'Doc', undated 

Box 9.8

Manuscript, about Fraternites and Sororities at University of Nebraska-Draft, undated 

Box 9.9

Manuscript, about Hercules and other Mythical Beings, undated 

Box 9.10

Manuscript, about Miss Patty's Funeral-Draft & Corrections, undated 

Box 9.11

Manuscript, about the Negro-Draft, undated 

Box 9.12

Manuscript, about Seabrook-Draft, undated 

Box 9.13

Manuscript, about Yuppi, undated 

Box 9.14

Manuscript, 'Aristocrats of Hungry Neck' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 10.1

Manuscript, 'Aunt Lettie & the Absolute' by John A. Rice, March 3, 1945 

Box 10.2

Manuscript, 'Be Careful What You Pray For' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 10.3

Manuscript, 'The Beautiful War' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 10.4

Manuscript, 'Belong to Be Home' -Draft, undated 

Box 10.5

Manuscript, 'Classmate' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 10.6

Manuscript, 'Color Blind', undated 

Box 10.7

Manuscript, 'Content with the Station' by John A. Rice, January 27, 1945 

Box 10.8

Manuscript, 'The Cure' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 10.9

Manuscript, 'D' -Draft, undated 

Box 10.10

Manuscript, 'Dam-Water' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 10.11

Manuscript, 'Don't Ask Me Why' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 10.12

Manuscript, 'Escape', undated 

Box 10.13

Manuscript, 'Gentlemen Prefer Gentlemen' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 10.14

Manuscript, 'The Genuine Article' by John A. Rice, October 25, 1952 

Box 10.15

Manuscript, 'The Glass Curtain' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 10.16

Manuscript, 'The Glass Curtain' -Draft & Corrections, undated 

Box 10.17

Manuscript, 'Grand Shoes' by John A. Rice, July 8, 1950 

Box 10.18

Manuscript, 'I Came Out of the Eighteenth Century' by John A. Rice, (pg. 1-58), 1942 

Box 10.19

Manuscript, 'I Came Out of the Eighteenth Century' by John A. Rice, (pg. 59-138), 1942 

Box 10.20

Manuscript, 'I Came Out of the Eighteenth Century' by John A. Rice, (pg. 139-232), 1942 

Box 10.21

Manuscript, 'I Came Out of the Eighteenth Century' by John A. Rice, (pg. 233-320), 1942 

Box 10.22

Manuscript, 'I Came Out of the Eighteenth Century' by John A. Rice, (pg. 321-357), 1942 

Box 10.23

Manuscript, 'The Illusion of Perfection' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 11.1

Manuscript, 'Interment? Dingley Hall' by John A. Rice -Plus Drafts, undated 

Box 11.2

Manuscript, 'Isaac' -Mixed up Drafts & Corrections, undated 

Box 11.3

Manuscript, 'Journey to the Land of ID' by John A. Rice -Plus Drafts, undated 

Box 11.4

Manuscript, 'K' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 11.5

Manuscript, 'Little Flock' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 11.6

Manuscript, 'M' -Draft, undated 

Box 11.7

Manuscript, 'The Metamorphosis of Mr. Cracovaner' by John A. Rice, October 14, 1944 

Box 11.8

Manuscript, 'Miss Hattie', Gallery Proof and Draft, March 23, 1947 

Box 11.9

Manuscript, 'Monday Come Home' by John A. Rice, September 3, 1949 

Box 11.10

Manuscript, 'Mr. Henry' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 11.11

Manuscript, 'Mr. Henry' -Drafts and Corrections, undated 

Box 11.12

Manuscript, 'The Odes of Horace-Book 1' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 11.13

Manuscript, 'Of The Use of The Nose', undated 

Box 11.14

Manuscript, 'One More Antique' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 11.15

Manuscript, 'Pigeons Plain and Fancy' and Draft, undated 

Box 11.16

Manuscript, 'Primus and the Law' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 11.17

Manuscript, 'Primus and the Law' -Drafts and Corrections, undated 

Box 11.18

Manuscript, 'Prince' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 11.19

Manuscript, 'Prince' -Drafts and Corrections, undated 

Box 11.20

Manuscript, 'Rachel' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 11.21

Manuscript, 'The Real Thing' -Draft, undated 

Box 11.22

Manuscript, 'Small Change at Yale' -plus Draft, undated 

Box 11.23

Manuscript, 'Snow on the Mountain' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 11.24

Manuscript, 'Time and All That' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 11.25

Manuscript, 'A Tree in the Closet' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 11.26

Manuscript, 'Under the Senseless Sky' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 12.1

Manuscript, 'United Fruit' by John A. Rice, November 8, 1947 

Box 12.2

Manuscript, Unknown Story by John A. Rice, (2 copies), undated 

Box 12.3

Manuscript, 'Ways of Love' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 12.4

Manuscript, 'Where Love Begins', February 3, 1951 

Box 12.5

Manuscript, 'A Wider Knowledge of Sin' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 12.6

Manuscript, 'Widow's Walk' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 12.7

Manuscript, 'Women of Property' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 12.8

Manuscript, 'Word First' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 12.9

Manuscript, 'The Worm Sort of Turns' -plus Drafts, undated 

Box 12.10

Manuscript, 'The Yankee', April 4, 1953 

Box 12.11

Manuscript, 'You Can Get Just So Much Justice' and Story Analysis, October 30, 1948-1949 

Box 12.12

Non-fiction Award, 'I Came Out of the Eighteenth Century', 1942-1943, undated 

Box 12.13

Notes, for Article, 'The Negro, a Vanishing Race?' by John A. Rice, Jr., ca. 1943 

Box 12.14

Notes and Drafts, Mixture, not sorted, undated 

Box 12.15

Notes and Drafts, Mixture, not sorted, undated 

Box 12.16

Paper, about 'The Tale of the Tub' by John A. Rice, undated 

Box 12.17

Paper, 'Changing Life and Changing Politics', undated 

Box 12.18

Paper, 'Report of Teachers and Teacher Preparation' by John Andrew Rice, (3 copies) ca. 1961 

Box 12.19

Paper, 'Trust in Education' by John Andrew Rice, undated 

Box 12.20

Paper, 'The War Against the Children', (2 copies & draft), undated 

Box 12.21

Papers, Various Titles, undated 

Box 13.1

Play #1, Untitled, undated 

Box 13.2

Play, 'Mice' Notes, undated 

Box 13.3

Play, 'Obbligato" (#1), undated 

Box 13.4

Play, 'Obbligato' (#2), undated 

Box 13.5

Play, 'Scene One' -about Doctor and Patient's Family, undated 

Box 13.6

Plays, Mixture of Drafts and Corrections, undated 

Box 13.7

Plays, Mixture of Drafts and Corrections, undated 

Box 13.8

Plays, Mixture of Drafts and Corrections, undated 

Box 13.9

Short Story & Correspondence, 'Cunningham Diary' by John A. Rice, August 13, 1943 

Box 13.10

Unfinished Manuscripts, Untitled, undated 

Box 13.11

Series V: Audio Material, 1967

Series Description

In this series are four (4) original and four (4) user copies of an interview of Dr. Rice by Martin B. Duberman while in Barnesville, MD, June 10, 1967. A transcript of this interview can be found in Series I, Box 1, Folder 8.

CDs, 4 originals & 4 user copies, Interview of John A. Rice, Jr. (1888-1968) by Martin B. Duberman, in Barnesville, MD, June 10, 1967 Box 14

Series VI: Oversize, 1910-1950s

Series Description

In this oversize box are two (2) copies of the London Times Literary Supplement from 1930, copies of published comments on "American Shelf", in which Rice had a part in critiquing several of the choices, an insurance policy for a moving company for the Rice household goods, and a large poster of 'The Great Dirge of Thomas de Celano', of which only 200 were printed.

Article Copies, U.S. Comments on "American Shelf" and 'American Panorama', ca. 1950s 

Oversize 15.1

Insurance Policy, Union Insurance Society to Star Van & Storage, October 3, 1927 

Oversize 15.2

Newspaper, The London Times Literary Supplement, June 5, 1930 

Oversize 15.3

Newspaper, The London Times Literary Supplement, May 29, 1930 

Oversize 15.4

Poster, 'The Great Dirge of Thomas de Celano, 1910 

Oversize 15.5