Guide to the Office of the Chancellor. Herbert W. Wey Records, 1950-1979

Summary Information

Title: Office of the Chancellor. Herbert W. Wey Records, 1950-1979
Collection: UA.5002
Extent: 31 linear feet (62 boxes, 1 video recording)

Dr. Herbert Wey served as Appalachian State University's third president and first Chancellor from 1969 to 1979.  The collection consists of reports, correspondence, articles, speeches, clippings, and other papers concerning the administrative operation of the campus, fund raising, student life, and academic programs of Appalachian State University.

Creator: Wey, Herbert W., 1914-1999

Biographical/Historical Note

Dr. Herbert W. Wey (June 1, 1914 - April 8, 1999) served as Appalachian State University's third president and was named its first Chancellor. He received his Educational Doctorate from Indiana State University and began his career in education in Watauga County teaching in the classroom and later serving as a secondary school administrator. He gained national attention when he served as the principal of the Appalachian State Teachers College Demonstration High School because of his efforts to encourage his faculty to engage in research and publishing. In the 1940s, he developed a student teaching program that put student teachers into regular classrooms rather than a college demonstration classroom. This program became a national model.

In 1950, Wey began as chairman of the Department of Education and Psychology at Appalachian State Teachers College. As Assistant to the Dean of the Graduate School, Wey was involved in the restructure of the Graduate School and in 1957 was named the Dean of the Graduate School. In 1958, Wey began teaching in the Department of Education at the University of Miami and was later named dean there. In 1969, he returned to Appalachian State University when he was elected as president in 1969. In 1972, Wey was named Chancellor when Appalchian State University joined the North Carolina University system. As Chancellor Wey promoted the improvement of teaching among faculty and encouraged faculty to develop proposals for outside funding. He retired as Chancellor on June 30, 1979.

Scope and Contents

Chancellor Herbert Wey's records contain mostly printed material accumulated during his tenure as Appalachian's third president and first chancellor. The collection consists of reports, correspondence, articles, speeches, clippings, forms, lists, charts, and other papers and concern the administrative operation of the campus, fund raising, student life, and academic programs of Appalachian State University. Personal papers such as correspondence, vitae, memorabilia, papers presented and publications are included with the records. A video recording of "The Ford Travel-Study Report: An Exegesis" features Chancellor Wey summarizing visits funded by the Ford Foundation to 76 colleges in 16 countries.


This collection is divided into four series: Series I: General Files, Series II: Speeches, Series III: Personal Papers, and Series IV: Articles and Publications. Series I is arranged alphabetically by subject. Series II is arranged chronologically by the date of the speech, with undated speeches filed at the end of the series alphabetically by title. Series III is arranged alphabetically by material type. Series IV is arranged alphabetically by title of the publication.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for use in the Dougherty Reading Room. Three boxes are restricted due to confidential student information.

Acquisitions Information

This collection consists of 5 accessions: UA.2003.105, UA.2003.106, UA.2004.001, UA.2004.002, and UA.2006.308. The accessions were transferred from the Records Center between 2003 and 2006.

Processing Information

Processed by Kelly R. Grimm and Grant Maher, 2011.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], UA.5002: Office of the Chancellor, Herbert W. Wey Records, University Archives, Appalachian State University, Boone, N.C., USA.

Container List

Series I: General Files

Series Description:

This series contains files related to Dr. Herbert Wey's tenure as Chancellor of ASU. The files largely consist of correspondence, reports, memoranda and planning documents and pertain to subjects across the university including: academic departments, athletics, administrative issues, faculty, students, financial issues, education, other colleges and universities, various governing bodies, and campus events. Of particular note are the files pertaining to the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, the Ford Foundation and the Triple T Program, all of which highlight Wey's dedication to teacher education. The files are arranged alphabetically by subject. Boxes 48-50 are restricted due to personal information.

A – Miscellaneous  Box 1.1
Academic Affairs  Box 1.2-4
Academic Freedom  Box 1.5
Academic Policies and Procedures  Box 2.1
Accounting Department  Box 2.2
Action  Box 2.3
Administration in Higher Education  Box 2.4
Administrative Advance Box 2.5
Administrative Cabinet  Box 2.6
Administrative Internship Program Box 2.7
Admissions Office  Box 2.8
Admissions Partnership Program (APP)  Box 2.9
Advisory Budget Commission  Box 2.10
Advisory Budget Council for Broadcasting  Box 2.11
Advisory Council to the Chancellor  Box 2.12
Advisory Council to the Chancellor  Box 3.1
Alpha Chi Box 3.2
Alumni  Box 3.3
American Assoc. of Colleges for Teachers  Box 3.4-5
American Assoc. of State Colleges (AASCU)  Box 3.6
American Assoc. of State Colleges (AASCU) Box 4.1
American Assoc. of University Professors (AAUP) Box 4.2
American Assoc. of University Women (AAUW) Box 4.3
American Council on Education Box 4.4
Annual Report to the Chancellor Box 4.5
Anthropology Dept.  Box 4.6
The Appalachian   Box 4.7
Appalachian Consortium   Box 4.8
Appalachian Consortium Box 5.1-3
Appalachian Elementary School  Box 5.4
Appalachian Journal  Box 5.5
Appalachian Oral History Project  Box 5.6
Appalachian Regional Bureau of Governments  Box 5.7
Appalachian Regional Commission  Box 5.8
Appalachian Review  Box 6.1
Appalachian State University - Status of Women  Box 6.2
Appalachian Studies and Research Committee Box 6.3
Appalachian Women’s Club  Box 6.4
Architects  Box 6.5
 Art Department Box 6.6
Artist Lecture Program  Box 6.7
Association of Governing Boards  Box 6.8
Athletic Council  Box 6.9
Athletics (Office of) Box 6.10-12
Audio-Visual Department Box 7.1
Auditor, Internal Box 7.2
Auditor, State of NC Box 7.3
B - Miscellaneous Box 7.4
Babcock, Mary Reynolds - Foundation Box 7.5
Bank of North Carolina Box 7.6
Belk Library  Box 7.7
Biographical Information  Box 7.8
Biology Dept.  Box 7.9
Board of Visitors  Box 8.1-4
Board of Visitors  Box 9.1
Bookstore  Box 9.2-3
Bookstore Audit Reports, 1972  Box 9.4
Bookstore Audit Report, 1973  Box 9.5
Bookstore Audit Report, 1974  Box 9.6
Boone  Box 9.7
Budget Advisory Committee  Box 9.8
Buildings, Correspondence  Box 10.1
Business Affairs Reports  Box 10.2-3
College of Business  Box 10.4-5
College of Business, Advisory Box 11.1-4
Camps Box 11.5
Cannon Mills  Box 12.1
Cannon Music Camp  Box 12.2
Carnegie Corporation  Box 12.3
Carroll, Roy Box 12.5
Center for Appalachian Studies  Box 12.7
Center for Continuing Education  Box 12.6-8
Center for Instructional Development  Box 13.1-2
Center for the Study of Private Enterprise Box 13.3-4
Chamber of Commerce  Box 13.5
Chemistry Dept.   Box 13.6
Childhood Education Dept  Box 13.7
Civil Defense Agency  Box 13.8
College Board   Box 13.9
College of Continuing Education   Box 14.8
Colleges – Miscellaneous Correspondence (with and about)  Box 14.2-4
Colleges – Miscellaneous Box 14.5
Colleges – Miscellaneous  Box 15.1
Commencement  Box 15.2
Committees  Box 15.3-4
Committees  Box 16.1-3
Community and Regional Services   Box 16.4
Complementary Education Box 16.5
Computer and Management Services  Box 16.6
Computer and Management Services  Box 17.1
Consultant Policies  Box 17.2
Council on Computer Usage  Box 17.3
Council on Postsecondary Accreditation  Box 17.4
Council on Teacher Education  Box 17.5
Counseling Services  Box 17.6
Crutchfield, Charles H. Box 17.7
D – Miscellaneous  Box 17.8
Dean’s Council  Box 17.9-10
Development Office Box 18.1
Developmental Education  Box 18.2
Disaster Program  Box 18.3
Doctor of Arts Degree  Box 18.4
Driver Training Program  Box 18.5
Dual Degree Program  Box 18.6
Duncan, Edwin Sr.   Box 18.7
E – Miscellaneous  Box 18.8
Educational Media Center  Box 18.9
Educational Innovation and Reform  Box 18.10
Endowment  Box 19.1
Engagements  Box 19.2
English Dept.  Box 19.3
Enrollment Comparisons  Box 19.4
Environmental Studies  Box 19.5
Equal Opportunity Regulations  Box 19.6
Extension  Box 19.7
Extension Division  Box 19.8
Faculty (other than Department Chairmen)  Box 19.9
Faculty Awards  Box 19.10
Faculty Committees  Box 19.11
Faculty Housing  Box 20.1
Faculty Meetings  Box 20.2
Faculty – Outstanding  Box 20.3-5
Faculty – Prospective  Box 20.6
Faculty – Prospective  Box 21.1-3
Faculty Senate  Box 21.4
Faculty Senate  Box 22.1-2
Faculty – Status of Women  Box 22.3
Faculty Street  Box 22.4
Fees  Box 22.5
Field Advisory Council (Learning and Human Development) Box 22.6
Field Based Programs Task Force Box 22.7
Fine and Applied Arts (College of) Box 22.8
Fire Regulations  Box 23.1
Florida State University System  Box 23.2-4
Food Service Advisory Board  Box 25.1
Football Invitations  Box 25.2-3
Ford Foundation  Box 25.4-5
Ford Foundation  Box 26.1-2
Ford Foundation/Warren Wilson College and ASU Joint Proposal  Box 25.3
Ford Foundation Travel Study Report Video (VHS) Box 25.4
Foreign Language  Box 25.5
Forensics  Box 25.6
Foundations  Box 26.1-4
Fraternities and Sororities  Box 27.1
Fulbright Program Advisor  Box 27.2
G – Miscellaneous  Box 27.3
General College  Box 27.4
General Education  Box 27.5
Geology and Geography Dept.  Box 27.6
Gifts  Box 27.7
Grading System  Box 27.8
Graduate Assistantship Budget  Box 27.9
Graduate Council  Box 27.10
Graduate School  Box 28.1-3
Grants  Box 29.4-5
Grants  Box 29.1
I. G. Greer Distinguished Professorship in History  Box 29.2
H – Miscellaneous  Box 29.3
Health  Box 29.4
Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW)  Box 29.5-9
Health, Education, and Welfare  Box 30.1
Health, Education, and Welfare Contracts  Box 30.2
Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Dept.  Box 30.3
Higher Education  Box 30.4
Higher Education – Administration  Box 30.5-6
Higher Education Facilities Bill  Box 30.7
Higher Education – State Board  Box 31.1-2
History Dept.  Box 31.3
Homecoming  Box 32.4
Home Economics Dept.  Box 31.5
Honorary Degrees  Box 31.6
Honors Program  Box 33.1
Housing  Box 33.2-2
Human Resources  Box 32.4
I – Miscellaneous  Box 32.5
IBM Material Equipment  Box 32.6
Ideas  Box 32.7
Independent/Individual Study  Box 32.8
Industrial Arts Dept.  Box 32.9
Information Office  Box 32.10
Information Office Box 33.1
Innovation in Higher Education  Box 33.2
Institutional Studies and Planning  Box 33.3
Instructional Development  Box 33.4
Internship Program  Box 33.5
International Assoc. of University Presidents  Box 33.6
International Studies  Box 33.7
Intramural Program  Box 33.8
Invitations – Declined  Box 33.9
IRC Award Box 34.1
J – Miscellaneous  Box 33.2
Journalism  Box 33.3
Junior Colleges  Box 33.4
K – Miscellaneous  Box 33.5
Kappa Delta Pi  Box 33.6
Kellogg Foundation Grant  Box 33.7-8
L – Miscellaneous  Box 33.9
Land  Box 33.10
Laundry  Box 33.11
Learning and Human Development, College of Box 33.12-13
Learning, Institute of  Box 33.14
Learning, Institute of Box 35.1
Learning Resources  Box 35.2
Library Science Dept.  Box 35.3
Lighthouse Program  Box 35.4
Capt. E. F. Lovill Fund  Box 35.5
Lowe’s Companies  Box 35.6
M – Miscellaneous  Box 35.7
Mathematical Science  Box 35.8
James G. K. McClure Scholarship  Box 35.9
Medical Center  Box 35.10
Meetings  Box 35.11
Meetings Box 36.1
Memos  Box 36.2-4
Memos  Box 37.1-2
Military Science Dept.  Box 37.3-4
Miscellaneous Articles and Papers  Box 37.5
Music Dept.  Box 37.6
N – Miscellaneous  Box 38.1
National Advisory Council  Box 38.2
National Commission on Accreditation  Box 39.6
National Education Association (NEA)  Box 38.4
National Science Foundation  Box 38.5
NCAA Box 38.6
New Programs  Box 38.7
New River Light and Power Co.  Box 39.1
North Carolina Assoc. of Colleges and Universities  Box 39.2
NC Attorney General  Box 39.3
NC Department of Athletics Box 39.4-5
NC Department of Commerce  Box 39.6
NC Department of Public Instruction   Box 40.1
NC Governors, Board of Box 40.2
NC Legislatures  Box 40.3
NC State Auditors Box 40.4
NC State Budget and Management  Box 40.5
NC State Government  Box 41.1
NC State Task Force  Box 41.2
NC State Teachers Education  Box 41.3
Northwest Regional Education Center (Roger Jackson)  Box 41.4
Northwestern Bank Box 41.5
Off-campus Projects  Box 41.6
P – Miscellaneous  Box 41.7
Parking  Box 41.8
Personnel  Box 41.9
Phi Delta Kappa  Box 41.10
Phi Delta Theta  Box 41.11
Physics Department Box 41.12
Placement Committee  Box 42.1
Planetarium Center  Box 42.2
Political Science Dept.  Box 42.3
Programs – Descriptions  Box 42.4
Project Open  Box 42.5
Psychological Services Center  Box 42.6
Public Affairs Office  Box 42.7
Public Schools  Box 42.8
Purchasing – Ted Hagaman, Director  Box 42.9
R – Miscellaneous  Box 42.10
William B. Rankin  Box 42.11
Reading Center  Box 42.12
Reading Education Dept.  Box 42.13
Recommendations  Box 42.14
Recommendations  Box 43.1-4
Recommendations  Box 44.1-2
Registration Committee  Box 44.3
Requests  Box 44.4
Research Center  Box 46.4
Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation  Box 44.6
The Rhododendron  Box 44.7
Roads and Walkways  Box 44.8
S – Miscellaneous  Box 44.9
Safety Division  Box 44.10
Scheduling Office  Box 45.1
Scholarships Box 45.2
Sororities and Fraternities  Box 45.3
Southern Appalachian Historical Assoc. (SAHA)  Box 45.4
Southern Assoc. off Schools and Colleges  Box 45.5-7
Southern Conference  Box 45.8
Southern Conference  Box 48.1-3
Southern Regional Education Board  Box 48.4
Speakers on Campus  Box 48.5
Special Education  Box 48.6
Speech Dept.  Box 49.1
Speech Material  Box 47.1
Stadium  Box 47.2
Staff Assoc.  Box 47.3
Staff Council  Box 47.4
Student Affairs Annual Reports to Chancellor  Box 47.5
Student Aid Budget/Student Financial Aid Box 47.6
Student Center (W. H. Plemmons Student Center)  Box 47.9
Student Government Assoc./Judicial Aid and Administration  Box 47.10
Student Affairs Restricted Box 48.1-7
Students Restricted Box 49.1-4
Students, Correspondence (with and about)  Restricted Box 49.5-6
Students, Correspondence (with and about)  Restricted Box 50.1-4
Student Government Assoc. Constitution  Box 51.1
Student Research Union  Box 51.2
Student Support Services  Box 51.3
Student Teaching  Box 51.4
Summer School  Box 51.5
Task Force on Educational Renewal  Box 51.6
Task Force on Organizations and Calendars  Box 51.7
Task Force on Program Planning  Box 52.1
Teacher Corp.  Box 52.2
Teachers Seeking Positions  Box 52.3
Teachers Self-Study Education  Box 52.4
Television, Education, Etc.  Box 52.5
Tenure  Box 52.6
Testing  Box 52.7
Thomas, John E. Box 52.8
Title IX (Nine)  Box 52.9
Traffic  Box 52.10
Training Complex Box 53.1
Triple T Programs  Box 53.2-4
Trustees  Box 53.5
Tuition  Box 54.1
U – Miscellaneous  Box 54.2
Undergraduate Pre-Service Teacher Education Program (UPSTEP) Box 54.3
United Way  Box 54.4
University Club  Box 54.5
University of Miami  Box 54.6
University of North Carolina  Box 54.7-8
University President Council  Box 54.9
Television, University  Box 55.1
Upward Bound Box 55.2
Urban-Rural Project  Box 55.3
V – Miscellaneous  Box 55.4
Values  Box 55.5
Veteran’s Administration  Box 55.6
Mr. John H. Vickers  Box 55.7
Visiting Speakers  Box 55.9-10
Visiting Speakers Box 56.1
W – Miscellaneous  Box 56.2
Wachovia Bank and Trust Co.  Box 56.3
WASU Radio  Box 56.4
Watauga County  Box 56.5
Watauga High School  Box 56.6
Western Economics Development Organization  Box 56.7
Western Illinois University  Box 56.8
Western North Carolina Consortium  Box 56.9
Herbert W. Wey  Box 56.10
W. R. Winkler, Trustee  Box 56.11
Workman Scholarships, Gifts, Lectures  Box 56.12
Yosef Club Box 56.13

Series II: Speeches, 1961-1978, undated

Series Description:

This series consists of speech material and speeches made by Herbert Wey, dating 1961-1978. Most of the speeches come from his tenure as President and Chancellor of Appalachian State. Wey addressed a wide variety of audiences, including graduating classes, faculty groups, and school boards. As is expected from his involvement with teaching education, many of his speeches address education and issues in teaching education. The speeches are arranged chronologically, with undated speeches placed at the end of the series in alphabetical order by title.

Detroit, February, 1961 Box 57.1
Meeting of the North Carolina Principals, November 7, 1962 Box 57.2
“Individuality in Learning” I. D.E. A. Conference   Box 57.3
Gainsville Speech, April, 1969 Box 57.4
Remarks to ASU Faculty, 1969  Box 57.5
Alpha Chi, Oct. 1969  Box 57.6
Board of Visitors of ASU, October 29, 1969 Box 57.7
Convocation Speech, November 13, 1969  Box 57.8
Problems in Higher Education, AAUP Meeting, December 16, 1969 Box 57.9
Statesville City Schools Speech, Jan. 7, 1970  Box 57.10
School Board Speech, January 13, 1970 Box 57.11
Taylorsville, NCEA, February 1970  Box 57.12
Junior College Speech, February 16, 1970  Box 57.13
Speech Management – Winston-Salem, March 10, 1970 Box 57.14
Speech to AAUW, March 17, 1970 Box 57.15
Education and the New Generation - NC Education Association, March 19, 1970 Box 57.16
Inauguration Comments, April 24, 1970 Box 58.1
Catawba College Speech, May 1970  Box 58.2
NC Education Association Speech, May 11, 1970  Box 58.3
Graduation Speech – Western Piedmont Community College, May 22, 1970  Box 58.4
Spring Graduation, June 1970  Box 58.5
Education in the 1970s and 1980s, June 22, 1970 Box 58.6
 South Carolina Assoc. of Secondary Principals, June 22, 1970 Box 58.7
NC Administrators of SACS Schools, July 30, 1970 Box 58.8
Rhododendron Staff Banquet, July 30, 1970 Box 58.9
"The New Generation" Alumni College Speech, August 7, 1970  Box 58.10
Speech for Advisory Budget Committee, August 19, 1970 Box 58.11
NC Council on Higher Education, Oct. 2, 1970  Box 58.12
AASCU – Speech on President's Role - Instructional Programs, November 16, 1970 Box 58.13
Remarks to be made at Graduation Exercises, 1971 Box 58.14
“Innovation and Change”, Address to New Faculty, 1971  Box 58.15
Remarks to Appropriations Committee, Feb. 25, 1971  Box 58.16
Special Programs at Appalachian State University, March, 1971 Box 58.17
Remarks to the Governor's Committee on the Structure and Organization of Higher Education, March 5, 1971 Box 58.18
Meeting with the Wilkes County Alumni, March 23, 1972 Box 58.19
Presentation to the Joint Education Committe of the House and Senate, June 16, 1971 Box 58.20
Trade and Ind. Education Workshop, Aug. 1971  Box 58.21
Remarks to President's Committee, August 13, 1971 Box 58.22
Remarks to ASU Faculty, September, 1971  Box 59.1
Remarks Before the Joint Committee on Higher Education, September 14, 1971 Box 59.2
ASU Secretaries Luncheon, October 5, 1971 Box 59.3
Experimental Projects in Undergraduate Education, 1972 Box 59.4
Burlington Alumni Meeting, Jan. 20, 1972  Box 59.5
President's National Advisory Council Annual Meeting, April, 1972 Box 59.6
Dr. William V. Muse Speech, “The Business of Education”, March 22, 1972 Box 59.7
Board of Govenors Speech, May 26, 1972  Box 59.8
Advisory Budget Committee, July 12, 1972  Box 59.9
Remarks to be made at Graduation Exercises, Summer 1972 Box 59.10
President’s Committee, Aug. 18, 1972  Box 59.11
Remarks to ASU Faculty, September 14, 1972 Box 59.12
Superintendents in NC, Dec. 6, 1972  Box 59.13
Remarks for Graduation Exercises, 1973 Box 59.14
Remarks to the Trustees and Alumni on the Continuing Education Center, February 24, 1973 Box 59.15
Boone Rotary Club, March 22, 1973 Box 59.16
Alamance County Alumni, April 11, 1973  Box 59.17
Conference on Higher Education, Sept. 20-21, 1973  Box 59.18
IBM – “Higher Education-Problems and Solutions”, 1973, October 24, 1973  Box 59.19
Staff Luncheon, Dec. 17, 1973  Box 59.20
Herbert Wey Speeches, 1974  Box 59.21
New Faculty, 1974 Box 59.22
Qualities of An Administrator, February, 1974  Box 59.23
Lenoir Rotary Club, March 29, 1974  Box 59.24
NC Political Science Association, April 29, 1974  Box 59.25
Lander College, May 8, 1974 Box 59.26
Charlotte Mecklenburg Board of Education, September 6, 1974  Box 59.27
Fall Faculty Meeting, September 26, 1974 Box 59.28
NC Family Life Council, September 27, 1974 Box 59.29
Warren Wilson College, October 1974  Box 60.1
Creative Career Development for Women Conference, October 6, 1974 Box 60.2
Blowing Rock Rotary Club, October 21, 1974  Box 60.3
Herbert Wey Speeches, 1975  Box 60.4
Summer Commencement, August 9, 1975 Box 60.5
Fall Faculty Meeting, 1976 Box 60.6
Herbert Wey Speeches, 1976  Box 60.7
Herbert Wey Speeches, 1977  Box 60.8
Summer Commencement, August 14, 1977 Box 60.9
Herbert Wey Speeches, 1978  Box 60.10
Retirement Speech, June 7, 1978  Box 60.11
Fall Faculty Meeting, August 21, 1978 Box 60.12
Appalachian High Speech  Box 60.13
Appalachian History Speech  Box 60.14
"Appalachian - Let's Talk About It" - Faculty Dames  Box 60.15
Wey Speech Material-Beginning Teachers  Box 60.16
College of Business  Box 60.17
Continuing Education Center  Box 60.18
Evaluation – PTA Speech, Coral Gables, FL  Box 60.19
Faculty Desegregation, Palm Beach County, FL Box 60.20
Speech to the Faculty, Western Carolina University Box 60.21
Fall Faculty Meeting Box 60.22
Fundraising and Alumni Groups  Box 61.1
Fundraising Drive, IRC – TRW  Box 61.2
Speech for Higher Education Box 61.3
“How Can We Use Our School Libraries More Effectively?”  Box 61.4
"A Look at the Future" and Additional Materal Box 61.5
Miscellaneous Speeches Box 61.6
New Orleans – Identifying Problems Speech  Box 61.7
Reform in Secondary Education  Box 61.8
Spruce Pine Chamber of Commerce  Box 61.9
State Study Commission Box 61.10
Teacher Education Speech Material (Dwight Allen) Box 61.11
Watauga County Farm and City Banquet  Box 61.12
Western Carolina University, Teacher Corps  Box 61.13

Series III: Personal Papers, 1952-1979

Series Description:

The personal papers of Herbert W. Wey include correspondence, photos, news clippings, vitae and other personal and professional information. Correspondence dates 1952-1979 and largely concerns Wey as he transitioned between academic institutions. In 1952, he left Appalachian State Teachers College to serve at the University of Miami (FL), and then came back to Appalachian in 1969 to serve as president. Much of that correspondence is with Appalachian's second president and Wey's friend – William H. Plemmons. The newspaper clippings concern Wey's election as president of ASU and his resignation, as well as his dedication to education. There are 5 individual photographs in this series, all of Wey himself, two of which are dated – 1964 and 1967. Folders are arranged by material type, and items are arranged chronologically within folders.

Correspondence 1952-1979 Box 61.14
Herbert Wey Photographs 1964-1967  Box 61.15
Newspaper Clippings and News Releases Box 61.16
Vitae, Transcripts and Profiles Box 61.17

Series IV: Articles and Publications, 1950-1976

Series Description:

Herbert Wey was a prolific writer over the course of his professional and academic career, producing many publications conerning higher education, and teacher education. Nearly all of the articles and publications in this series address issues in education, including two books: Alternatives in Higher Education and Handbook for Principals. The materials are arranged alphabetically by title.

"Alternatives in Higher Education" 1976  Box 62.1
"Alternatives in Higher Education", Manuscript Copy Box 62.2
"The Core Program in Teacher Education" Box 62.3
"Handbook for Principals: Practical Suggestions for Action" 1968  Box 62.4
"Individuality in Learning" Box 62.5
"National Goals for Migrant Education" Box 62.6
North Rowan Curriculum Study Box 62.7
"The Principal and Quality Education"  Box 62.8
"School Innovations in Review: Title III" Box 62.9
Serendipitous Gleanings  Box 62.10
"The South Calls for Research" in Phi Delta Kappan Oct. 1956  Box 62.11
"The Why and Wherefore" in North Carolina Education Sept. 1950  Box 62.12