Guide to the Robert Earl Snead Collection, 1969-1999

Summary Information

Title: Robert Earl Snead Collection, 1969-1999
Collection: UA.5173
Extent: 4 linear feet (8 boxes)

Robert Earl Snead started at Appalachian State University as a student, earning his Bachlor's degree in 1955, and a Masters in 1957. He later returned to the University in 1966 as director of Alumni Affairs, then in 1971, Vice-Chancellor for Development, and in 1989 he was made executive assistant to the Chancellor. The Robert Earl Snead Collection contain materials related to his career at ASU and include reports, meeting minutes, publications, and correspondence.

Creator: Snead, Robert Earl

Biographical/Historical Note

Mr. Robert Earl Snead first came to Appalachian as a student in 1951. After graduating in 1955, he returned to Appalachian where he earned a master’s degree in biology in 1957. He taught for nine years at Appalachian High School before accepting his first position at Appalachian State University. Mr. Snead served Appalachian State University as Director of Alumni Affairs from March 1966 through June 1971, until April 1972, when he became Vice-Chancellor for Development, serving from 1972-1989. Mr. Snead served as Executive Assistant to the Chancellor from 1989 through his retirement in August 1997.

Scope and Contents

This collection consists of the working papers Mr. Snead donated upon his retirement follow the positions he held from 1966-1997. The collection contains administrative records concerning Appalachian’s Development Office and Appalachian Foundation, minutes of the Board of Directors, Appalachian Summer information, Appalachian policies, administrative planning documents, and files on the student activities center. Accession contains reports, minutes, publications, and correspondence. Robert Snead was the Vice Chancellor of Development and Public Affairs.


This collection is divided into eleven series: Appalachian State University Foundation, Inc., An Appalachian Summer, Development Office, Political Referendum, Administrative Cabinet, Administrative Retreat, Organization and Foundation, Annual Reports, Campus, Research and Papers, and Publications.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for use in the Dougherty Reading Room without restrictions.

Acquisitions Information

Donated by Robert Earl Snead.

Processing Information

Processed by Trevor Mackenzie, August 2011.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], UA.5173: Robert Earl Snead Collection, University Archives, Appalachian State University, Boone, N.C., USA.

Container List

Series I: Appalachian State University Foundation, Inc., 1983-1992

Series Description

This series contains information related to the Appalachian State University Foundation, including information on the investment adviory committee, membership, and real estate. It contains meeting minutes, financial statements, , reports, membership lists, and by-laws.

Investment Analysis Summaries- Investment Advisory Committee  Box 1.1
Investment Analysis Summaries  Box 1.2
Meeting Minutes, By-laws- Investment Advisory Committee  Box 1.3
Investment Advisory Committee- Membership Lists, Quarterly Investment Report (1992), Asset Performance Summaries (1989-1992), Client Review (1991), 1989-1992  Box 1.4
Comparative Balance Sheets (1983-89)- Financial Statements, 1983-89  Box 1.5
Comparative Balance Sheets (1989-92)- Financial Statements, 1989-1992 Box 1.6
Review of Investment Holdings (1986-88), Cash Deficit Funds (1989-96)- Financial Statements, 1986-1996  Box 1.7
Pooled Income Fund Prospectus (no date)- Financial Statements  Box 1.8
Corporation Membership  Box 1.9
Corporation Membership  Box 1.10
Real Estate Box 1.11
Foundation Correspondence Box 1.12
Foundation Prospectus Box 1.13

Series II: An Appalachian Summer, 1988-1989

Series Description

This series contains information related to the Appalachian Summer performing arts series. It includes correspondence, brochures, programs, and event and reception schedules.

Appalachian Summer, 1988 Box 1.14
Appalachian Summer, 1989  Box 1.15
NC Symphony  Box 2.1
Appalachian Cultural Museum- Correspondence to and from Mr. Snead  Box 2.2
Appalachian Cultural Museum- Lists Concerning Development, Debate on Museum Issues and Name  Box 2.3

Series III: Development Office, 1980-1988

Series Description

This series contains information on the Development Office and includes information on the Plemmons Scholarship Fund and office retreats. It includes scholorship distribution guidelines, correspondence, fund-raising plans, and retreat minutes, summeries, and agendas.

Plemmons Scholarship Fund  Box 2.4
Office Retreat - Retreat Planning, 1980-1984  Box 2.5
Office Retreat - Memos Regarding Retreat Info., Evergreen Fund-Raising Planning, 1980-1984  Box 2.6
Office Retreat, 1985 Box 2.7
Office Retreat, 1987 Box 2.8
Office Retreat, 1988 Box 2.9

Series IV: Political Referendum, 1984-1985

Series Description

This series contains information related to the beer referendum and the UNC System Bond Referendum. It includes information correspondence, articles, charts, meeting minutes, and committee lists.

Beer Referendum, 1984-1985  Box 2.10
UNC System Referendum  Box 2.11

Series V: Administrative Cabinet, 1991-1997

Series Description

This series contains information related to the administrative cabinet and includes meeting minutes and agendas, correspondence, articles, and reports.

Administrative Cabinet, 1991-1992 Box 2.12
Administrative Cabinet, 1992-1993  Box 2.13
Administrative Cabinet - Memos Concerning Cabinet Affairs, 1992-1993  Box 2.14
Administrative Cabinet - Meeting Minutes, Meeting Agenda, 1992-1993 Box 2.15
Administrative Cabinet, 1993-1994 Box 3.1
Administrative Cabinet - Meeting Minutes/Meeting Agenda, 1993-1994 Box 3.2
Administrative Cabinet, 1994-1995 Box 3.3
Administrative Cabinet - Memos, Meeting Minutes, Agenda Reports, 1994-1995 Box 3.4
Administrative Cabinet, 1995-1996 Box 3.5
Administrative Cabinet, 1995-1996 Box 3.6
Administrative Cabinet, 1996-1997  Box 3.7
Administrative Cabinet, 1996-1997 Box 3.8

Series VI: Administrative Retreats, 1974-1994

Series Description

This series contains information related to the administrative planning retreats. It includes meeting minutes and agendas, reports, and articles.

Planning Retreat, 1974, 1978, 1983 Box 3.9
Planning Retreat 1984-1986  Box 3.10
Planning Retreat, 1987 Box 3.11
Planning Retreat, 1988  Box 3.12
Planning Retreat, 1989-1990  Box 3.13
Planning Retreat, 1991  Box 4.1
Planning Retreat, 1991 Box 4.2
Planning Retreat, 1992  Box 4.3
Planning Retreat, 1994  Box 4.4

Series VII: Orgainizations and Foundations, 1987-1996

Series Description

This series consist of materials to the organizations Snead was involved in, including the Alumni Council, the Advisory Budget Commission, the Broyhill Chamber Ensemble, the Distinguished Professor Trust Fund, and the Strategic Planning Commission. It includes committe lists, surveys, and correspondence.

Alumni Council  Box 4.5
Alumni Council  Box 4.6
Advisory Budget Commission, 1992 Box 4.7
Broyhill Chamber Ensemble, 1987-1990  Box 4.8
Distinguished Professor Trust Fund, 1987-1988  Box 4.9
Strategic Planning Commission, 1996 Box 4.10

Series VIII: Annual Reports, 1985-1989

Series Description

This series contains annual reports from the various offices that Snead was involved with. It includes annual reports from Alumni Affairs, Development and Public Affairs, ASU Foundation, and the Office of Planned Giving.

Annual Report, 1985 Box 5.1
Annual Report, 1986-1988 Box 5.2
Annual Report, 1989 Box 5.3

Series IX: Campus, 1970-1993

Series Description

This series contains information related to various aspects of the ASU campus. It includes information on the Annas Building, Dougherty House, Kidd Brewer Stadium, Alumni House, Trivette Hall, the Varsity Gym, and the Student Activities Center. It contains ephemera, correspondence, and articles.

Miles Annas, 1993  Box 5.4
Dougherty House, 1987-1989  Box 5.5
Kidd Brewer Stadium, 1988-1991 Box 5.6
Educational Consortia, 1991-1992 Box 5.7
Student Activities Center- Correspondence, 1990-1992  Box 5.8
Student Activities Center- Memos, 1988-1993  Box 5.9

Students Activities Center- Newspaper Articles 

Box 5.10
Students Activities Center- Letters to Legislature, Student Responses  Box 5.11
Varsity Gym, 1988  Box 6.1
Convocation, 1984-1985  Box 6.2
Alumni House, 1989  Box 6.3
Trivette Hall, 1970-1975  Box 6.4

Series X: Research and Publications, 1985-1998

Series Description

This series contains information research and papers used by Snead. It includes information on the General Assembly, funding strategy, school administration, marketing research, and ASU surveys and profiles. It contains articles, financial information, correspondence, and surveys.

University Facts- Freshman Survey, 1996-1998  Box 6.5
University- Fact Books, Profiles, Mission Statements, 1992-1996  Box 6.6
Teaching/Research and Vision Shared, 1995-1996  Box 6.7
School Administration, 1994-1995  Box 6.8
General Assembly Matters, 1995 Box 6.9
General Assembly Matters, 1995 Box 6.10
Funding Strategy, 1991-1996  Box 6.11
Marketing Research, 1985-1986  Box 6.12

Series XI: Publications, 1956-1999

Series Description

This series contains a variety of publications collected by Snead during his tenure at ASU. Publications include North Carolina Legislative Directories, North Carolina Capital Guides, and University of North Carolina Reports.

Statistical Abstract of Higher Education in North Carolina, 1982-1983 Box 7.1
The University of North Carolina- Long Range Planning, 1984-1989 Box 7.2
The University of North Carolina- Long-Range Planning, 1994-1999 Box 7.3
The University of North Carolina- Long-Range Planning, 1992-1997 Box 7.4
North Carolina: Directions for the 1980s, 1980  Box 7.5
NCACU 1921-1986, 1986 Box 7.6
The University of North Carolina- The President’s Report, 1995-1996 Box 7.7
Measuring Up to the Challenge: A Prosperous North Carolina In a Competitive World, 1995  Box 7.8
Baptist Hymnal Box 7.9
A Guide to the N. C. Legislature, 1985-1986  Box 7.10
North Carolina Business Leaders Speak: The First Five Years of the Harlan E. Boyles Distinguished CEO Lecture Series, 1988-1992 Box 7.11
North Carolina Legislative Directory, 1991-1992 Box 7.12
North Carolina Legislative Directory, 1977-1978 Box 7.13
North Carolina Legislative Directory, 1975-1976  Box 7.14
North Carolina Legislative Directory, 1969  Box 7.15
North Carolina Legislative Directory, 1983-1984 Box 7.16
North Carolina Legislative Directory, 1975-1976 Box 7.17
North Carolina Legislative Directory, 1985-1986 Box 7.18
North Carolina Legislative Directory, 1989-1990 Box 8.1
North Carolina Legislative Directory, 1987-1988 Box 8.2
North Carolina Capital Guide, 1995-96 Box 8.3
North Carolina Capital Guide, 1989-90 Box 8.4
North Carolina Capital Guide, 1991-1992 Box 8.5
North Carolina Legislative Directory, 1981-1982 Box 8.6
North Carolina Capital Guide, 1993-94  Box 8.7
The University of North Carolina, 1986-87  Box 8.8
The University of North Carolina, 1988-1989 Box 8.9
The University of North Carolina, 1987-1988 Box 8.10
The University of North Carolina, 1992-93 Box 8.11
The University of North Carolina, 1989-90 Box 8.12
UNC President’s Report, 1994-1995  Box 8.13
Money Magazine, May 1986 (2 copies) Box 8.14
Appalachian Focus, May 1986 (3 copies) Box 8.15
The Vision Retreat: A Participants Workbook  Box 8.16
Appalachian Today, Spring 1997 Box 8.17
North Carolina Maganize, July 1996 Box 8.18