Four Shape Note Hymnals & Songbooks in the W. L. Eury Collection

The American Vocalist: A Selection of Tunes, Anthems, Sentences, and Hymns, Old and New: Designed for the Church, the Vestry, or the Parlor. . . . In Three Parts. Rev. D. H. Mansfield, ed. 256 pages. Boston: W. J. Reynolds & Co. 1849.ASU APP COLL CLOSED M2117.A586

The B. F. White Sacred Harp: The Selections Are from the Old Sacred Harp, Remodeled and Revised, Together with Additions from the Most Eminent Authors, Including New Music. B. F. White and W. M. Cooper, eds. Troy, AL: Sacred Harp Book Co. 577 pages. ASU APP COLL CLOSED M2117 .W4 S3 1949

The Devotional Harmonist: A Collection of Sacred Music, Comprising a Large Variety of New and Original Tunes, Sentences, Anthems, etc., In Addition to many of the Most Popular Tunes in Common Use. Presenting a Greater Number of Metres than Any Book Heretofore Published. To Which is Prefixed a Progressive System of Elementary Instruction for Schools and Private Tuition. Charles Dingley, ed. New York: George Lane and Levi Scott, 1851 [c1849]. 424 pages. ASU APP COLL CLOSED M2198 .D48 1851

Kentucky Harmony or, a Choice Collection of Psalm Tunes, Hymns, and Anthems in Three Parts. Ananias Davisson, ed. Minneapolis: Augsberg Publishing House. Facsim. of 1816 edition. 160 pages. ASU APP COLL CLOSED M1999 .D3 1976

Methodist Harmonist, Containg a Collection of Tunes From the Best Authors, Embracing Every Variety of Metre, and Adapted to the Worship of the Methodist Episcopal Church, To Which is Added a Selection of Anthems, Pieces and Sentences for Particular Occasions. Revised from the 1822 ed. New York: B. Waugh and T. Mason, for the Methodist Episcopal Church. 362 pages. ASU APP COLL CLOSED M2127 .M37 1833

The Minstrel of Zion: A Book of Religious Songs, Accompanied with Appropriate Music, Chiefly Original. William Hunter and Samuel Wakefield, eds. Philadelphia: Higgins & Perkinpine. 216 pages. ASU APP COLL CLOSED M2117 j.H94 M66 1845

Missouri Harmony or, a Choice Collection of Psalm Tunes, Hymns and Anthems, Selected From the Most Eminent Authors, and Well Adapted to all Christian Churches, Singing Schools, and Private Societies, Together with an Introduction to Grounds of Music and Plain Rules for Beginners. Allen D. Carden, ed. Cincinnati: Morgan and Sanxay, 1834. 199 pages ASU APP COLL CLOSED M2117. M67

The Missouri Harmony, or, A Collection of Psalm and Hymn Tunes and Anthems from Eminent Authors with an Introduction to the Grounds and Rudiments of Music by Allen D. Carden, To Which is Added a Supplement, Containing a Number of Admired Tunes ... From Some of the Most Approved Collections of Sacred Music. Cincinnati: Morgan & Sanxay. 200 + 40 pages. ASU APP COLL CLOSED M2117 .M67 1835

The Missouri Harmony.  Cincinnati: Morgan & Sanxay, 1836. ASU APP COLL CLOSED M2117.M67

The Musical Primer: Containing A Variety of Plain and Simple Tunes. Andrew Law.  Philadelphia, PA: Robert & William Carr, 1810. ASU APP COLL CLOSED M2116.L41 M5

The Norumbega Harmony: Historic and Contemporary Hymn Tunes and Anthems from the New England Singing School Tradition.  Jackson, MS: University Press of Mississippi, 2003. ASU MUSIC STACKS 85.AM3 N6

Die Pennsylvanische Choral Harmonie: Enthaltend Die Vornehmsten Kirchen-Melodien = The Pennsylvania Choral Harmony: Containing the Principal Church Melodies Provided with German and English Text. 9th ed. T. R. Weber, ed. Bethlehem, PA: Henry T. Clauder, 1873. 400, 95 pages. ASU APP COLL CLOSED M2132 .G3 P45 1873

The Royal Proclamation. Aldine S. Kieffer and William B. Blake, eds. Dayton, VA: Ruebush-Kieffer Co. 184 pages. ASU APP COLL CLOSED M1997 .R8907 1886

The Sacred Harp. 5th edition. B. F. White and W. M. Cooper, eds. Dothan, AL: B. P. Poyner, Sr., S. P. Poyner. 577 pages. ASU APP COLL CLOSED M2117 .W4 .5134 1916

Sacred Harp, Including a Historical Introduction to the Story of the Sacred Harp by George Pullen Jackson. Facismile of 3rd edition, 1859. B. F. White and E. J. King, eds. Nashville: Broadman Press [1968]. 437 pages. ASU APP COLL CLOSED M2117 .W4 S3

The Social Harp. Facsim. based on the 1855 edition. John Gordon McCurry, ed. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1973. 268 pages. ASU APP COLL CLOSED M2117 .M134 S6

The Southern and Western Pocket Harmonist: Intended as an Appendix to "The Southern Harmony: Embracing the Principal Hymns, Songs, Choruses and Revival Tunes, Usually Sung at Protracted and Campmeetings of Different Denominations of Christians throughout the Southern and Western States"; Also, a Number of Choice Pieces for the Church and Social Singing Societies; To Which is Prefixed, a Concise Introduction to the Grounds of Music by William Walker. Bound photocopy of the original. Philadelphia: Thomas, Cowperthwaite & Co. ASU APP COLL CLOSED M2117 .S737 1846a

The Southern Harmony. Facsim. of the 1854 edition. William Walker, ed. Los Angeles: Pro Musicamericana, 1966. 336 pages. ASU APP COLL CLOSED M2117 .W3 S6

The Southern Harmony & Musical Companion: Containing A Choice Collection of Tunes, Hymns, Psalms, Odes, and Anthems, Selected from the Most Eminent Authors in the United States and Well Adapted to Christian Churches of Every Denomination, Singing Schools, and Private Societies: With a Musical Anthology on Compact Disc. William Walker and Glenn C. Wilcox, eds. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 1993, c1987. APP COLL STACKS: M2117 .S74 1993 (comes with accompanying cassette)

_____. First edition, 1847 . ASU APP COLL CLOSED M2117.S74

The Southern Harmony Songbook: Reproduced, with an Introduction by the Federal Writers' Project of Kentucky, Works Progress Administration. William Walker, ed. New York: Hastings House. 336 pages. ASU APP COLL CLOSED M2117 .W18 S5 1939

Union Harp and History of Songs: Brief Sketch of the Authors of Tunes and Hymns, Newly Arranged Hymn and Song Book Consisting of Sacred Tunes, Songs, and Anthems Prepared for Churches, Sunday Schools, Singing Schools, Conventions and all Public Gatherings as well as Private Classes and the Home. Joe S. James, ed.   Douglasville, GA: The Author-Compiler, 1909. 44, 220 pages. ASU APP COLL CLOSED M2117 .U55

The Valley Harmonist, Containing a Collection of Tunes from the Most Approved Authors, Adapted to a Variety of Metres. Also--a Selection of Set Pieces and Anthems. J. W. Steffy, ed. 2d ed., rev., enl. 336 pages. Harrisonburg, VA: H. T. Wartmann, 1845. ASU APP COLL CLOSED M2117.V35

White, B. F. Original Sacred Harp, (Denson Revision); The Best Collection of Sacred Songs, Hymns, Odes, and Anthems Ever Offered the Singing Public for General Use. 573 pages. Cullman, AL: Sacred Harp Pub. Co., 1971. APP COLL STACKS: M2117 .W4 O5

_____. 1966 edition, c1967. ASU APP COLL CLOSED M2117. W4 O5


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