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Appalachian State University Sites

The Appalachian Journal, published by Appalachian State University, Boone, NC: was founded in 1972, is a cross-disciplinary, peer-reviewed quarterly featuring field research, interviews, and other scholarly studies of history, politics, economics, culture, folklore, literature, music, ecology, and a variety of other topics, as well as poetry and reviews of books, films, and recordings dealing with the region of the Appalachian mountains.

Center for Appalachian Studies, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC: "Coordinates curriculum offerings, projects, and research relating to the Appalachian region." Offering the only graduate program in Appalachian Studies, the Program "contributes to the rich harvest of scholarship in the humanities and social sciences, practice in the folk and fine arts, and service to regional communities and organizations."


Non-Appalachian State University Sites

Appalachian Center, University of Kentucky, Lexington: "A multidisciplinary institute created in 1977 to link University of Kentucky resources with Appalachian communities in programs of Research, Instruction, and Service ." The site contains many good links including Appalachian Heritage, the Appalachian Rural Education Network, research and class materials, Appalachian demographic data, and emerging issues in Appalachia.

The Appalachian Quarterly, published by the Wise Co., VA Historical Society: Contains genealogies and family histories * Historical and Genealogical Societies and Archives * Record availability in each county and record location * Libraries, courthouses, etc. - office hours and records * Query section * Internet sites with genealogical and historical information * Highlights Appalachian legends & mysteries, Ghost Towns, Historic towns, Counties, Treasure stories, etc. * Special Features: Soldiers, women in history, recipes, Native Americans, archaeology sites, etc. * The Bookshelf: what's new in book releases * The Melungeons: Regular section featuring the history and genealogy of the descendants of these Appalachian families * Articles on people, music, food, flora & fauna, culture, folklore and much more anything pertaining to that which is uniquely Appalachian.

Appalachian Studies Association (ASA): " Our mission is to encourage study, advance scholarship, disseminate information, and enhance communication between Appalachian peoples, their communities, governmental organizations, and educational institutions. " The site contains research resources, regional services and activism, and a teaching and learning section that includes course syllabi with reading lists.

Appalachian Studies Bibliography 1994-2004: Cumulates the "Annual Bibliography" sections of the Journal of Appalachian Studies (begun in 1995). This site appears courtesy of the Appalachian Collection, WVU Libraries. Includes books and book chapters, journal articles, dissertations, and selected government documents, newspaper articles, and conference papers. Movies and musical recordings are not included.

Appalachian Writers Directory: Courtesy of Dr. Stephen D. Mooney, Professor of English at Virginia Tech, this site includes authors, musicians and songwriters (both traditional and modern), "affrilachian poets," "the soupbean poets," Appalachian protest writers, and proletarian writers of the 1930s, all seminal to Appalachian culture.

Appalshop, Whitesburg, KY: A media arts and cultural center located in the heart of the Central Appalachian Coalfields, that produces and presents films and videos, recordings, theatrical performances and festivals celebrating the culture and voicing the concerns of people living in the Appalachian Mountains. The site highlights various divisions of Appalshop including:

  • American Festival Project

  • Appalshop Center -- Houses a gallery, theater, conference room, WMMT's on air studio, an audio studio, film and video production suites and offices.

  • Appalshop Film and Video Releases

  • The C. B. Caudill Country Store and History Center

  • The Community Media Initiative -- Provides technical assistance that addresses the unique needs of organizing groups: "building the capacity of groups to sustain new technology skills, leveraging resources, creating models that are effectively shared and spread, and creating a place for strategic discussions about the relationship between technology and grassroots organizing ... allowing those whose voices have traditionally gone unheard to have an outlet."

  • June Appal Recordings -- Appalshop's record label specializing in traditional music from the Appalachian Mountains including Old Time Music, Bluegrass, Blues, and Contemporary Appalachian Music.

  • Roadside Theatre -- A professional touring theater company "whose unique, experimental, dramatic form draws from the musical and storytelling traditions of its mountain home."

  • Voices from Home -- A two-year celebration of Appalshop's 30th anniversary.

  • WMMT 88.7, Mountain Community Radio -- The voice of Central Appalachia "with an eclectic mix of music and information reflecting the richness and diversity of the region."

Blue Ridge Institute and Museum, Ferrum College, Ferrum, VA: The Blue Ridge Institute & Museum was established by Ferrum College in the early 1970s to document, interpret, and present the folk heritage of the Blue Ridge region. The site has links to:

  • Current Gallery Exhibits
  • Teaching Materials
  • Blue Ridge Farm Museum
  • Heritage Archives


Center for Appalachian Studies and Services, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN: "A hub of scholarly, educational, public service, and artistic projects addressing the needs and interests of the Appalachian region. " The site has links to:

  • Appalachian Scottish and Irish Studies

  • Archives of Appalachia

  • Bluegrass and Country Music Program

  • Encyclopedia of Appalachia

  • Governor's School for Tennessee Heritage

  • Reece Museum

  • Now & Then Magazine

  • Upcoming Events and Special Exhibits

Digital Library of Appalachia, Appalachian College Association Central Library: It provides online access to archival and historical materials related to the culture of the southern and central Appalachian region. The contents of the DLA are drawn from special collections of Appalachian College Association member libraries.

Highlander Research and Education Center: Since its founding in 1932 as the Highlander Folk School, the Center "has been dedicated to eliminating poverty and winning the right to genuine and meaningful democratic participation for all people ... by providing support to grassroots individuals and organizations working to address the profound inequities that are so deeply rooted in the political and economic structures and culture of Southern communities."

Journal of Appalachian Studies: A multi-disciplinary publication for scholars, teachers, activists, and others whose work focuses on the Appalachian region, the Journal of Appalachian Studies is the official journal of the American Studies Association (ASA).

Matewan, West Virginia Online: " Our web site details on the infamous Battle of Matewan, the legendary tales of the Hatfield's and McCoy's Feud, the devastating floods of the Tug Valley, as well as current information geared to the local citizens of the Tug Valley area." Includes links to informative sites on feuds, the Hatfield & McCoy Trail, floods, mining, and related books and films.

Melungeon Heritage Association: Based in Wise, VA, the MHA is dedicated to continuing research and writing, telling the story of the Melungeon people and continuing to put together the mosaic of their past. The site contains links to other genealogy and reference sites.

New River Notes: An award winning site of historical resources for the Upper New River Valley counties of North Carolina and Virginia. Links to numerous sites dealing with agriculture, books, business, demographics, the electronic community, government, historical links, newspapers and schools of these counties.

North Carolina Echo: Exploring Cultural Heritage Online : An electronic repository of the special collections of North Carolina's libraries, archives, and museums.

SAMAB: Southern Appalachian Man and the Biosphere -- " Promotes environmental health, sustainable economic use, and cultural values across the Southern Appalachians. Solutions for critical regional issues will be achieved through multiple collaborations, information gathering and sharing, integrated assessments, and demonstration projects."

Tui St. George Tucker: This website is about the musician Tui St. George Tucker, who worked and lived at Camp Catawba.