Appalachian Rails & Railways Collection

The study of the railway combines the singular importance of the railroad industry to Appalachian development with the allure of a romantic past-time. The Trains of Appalachia Collection seeks to satisfy scholar and aficionado alike by pulling together a comprehensive array of materials where Appalachia and the Railway intersect. We continually seek new additions to this living collection.

How is this collection important?

The W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection located within Appalachian State University's Belk Library is committed to preserving the history and culture of the Appalachian Region. Appalachia and the American Railroad were symbiotically enjoined in their respective developments. The terrain of our mountain systems pushed those advancing rail technology to new limits in overcoming obstacles and finding the best and safest ways to do their job. The railroad more efficiently connected Appalachians to the greater region in ways they had never dreamed of, facilitating commerce, industry, and migration patterns.

Just as the railroad industry would not have grown into what it is today without Appalachia or Appalachians, Appalachia was shaped into what it has become through the varied and complex interactions facilitated by the railway system.

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