Hulme Collection

The Hulme Collection consists of rare publications relating to 17th-century British political history, and date from that time. A large number of Dr. Hulme's secondary-source works relating to British history are part of the circulating Main Stacks in Belk Library and Information Commons.

About Harold Hulme

Harold Hulme was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on October 22, 1898. He studied history at Cornell University, spending time at the University of London. When he was awarded at Ph. D. at Cornell in 1925, he joined the history faculty at New York University, where he taught until 1967. He was a specialist in English constitutional history and produced, in 1957, The Life of Sir John Eliot 1592-1632: Struggle for Parliamentary Freedom.

In 1969 Professor Hulme died while on summer holiday. Appalachian State University history professor Dr. Sheldon Hanft, who had been his senior graduate student, contacted Professor Hulme's widow to express his condolences. The subject of Hulme's extensive library in English history arose and the History department at Appalachian State University, thinking of its young faculty and contemplating its future, assisted the donation of these materials that would be useful in the study of British history.

Most books in the Hulme Collection have the Hulme motto on the back (inside) of the top cover: "Frangimur sed numquam Flectimur," that is, "We are broken but never are we bent." Many books were generously restored by Bill and Maureen Rhinehart.


How to Use the Collection

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