Appalachian State University Historical Timelines - Campus Buildings: 1930 - 1939

1930-31: First Lovill Home, Lovill Annex demolished.

1931: Justice Annex; demolished early 1950s.

1932: Watauga County Hospital Built in location of first Lovill Home.

1934: Men’s Gymnasium completed; demolished early 1960s.

1934: College Bookstore moved to brick building on corner of Locust St. and College St.

1935: D. D. Dougherty Library completed.

1938: Appalachian High School/Demonstration High School completed.

1938: The first Faculty Apartments building completed, later named North Hall, and renamed Workman Hall in 1967.

1939: Second Newland Residence Hall completed; demolished mid-1990s.

1939: First Administration Building converted to Home Economics Building; demolished 1968.

1939: Old Science Hall (1911) converted to Fine Arts Building.

1939-1940: 13 Faculty Houses completed; converted later for departmental use and gradually demolished during 1990s.

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