Appalachian State University Historical Timelines - Campus Buildings: 1960 - 1969

1960: Dauph-Blan Residence Hall renovated, renamed Watauga Hall in mid-1960s.

1961: W. Kerr Scott Hall completed.

1962: L.S. Dougherty Hall completed.

1962: Conrad Stadium completed, replaced College Field.

1962: Field House constructed adjacent to Conrad Stadium.

1963: Doughton Residence Hall completed.

1963: Rankin Science Building completed.

1965: Addition and renovation to Welborn Cafeteria completed.

1965: Home Management House completed.

1965: Lucy Brock Child Development Center/Nursery School completed.

1965: Duncan Hall completed.

1965: Northeast Building (Winn-Dixie, later H’Appy’s/Legends) completed.

1965: Appalachian High School merged with newly created Watauga High School; building renovated and renamed Chapell Wilson Hall.

1966: Chapell Wilson Hall reopens.

1966: White Residence Hall (2nd) completed.

1966: Hoey Residence Hall completed.

1966: Bowie Residence Hall completed.

1966: Lovill Residence Hall completed.

1966: Second Administration Building destroyed by fire on December 29.

1967: Plemmons Student Union completed.

1967: Second Lovill Home demolished.

1967: Home Economics/first Administration Building demolished.

1968: B. B. Dougherty Administration Building completed on sight of first Administration Building.

1968: Gardner Residence Hall completed.

1968: Cannon Residence Hall completed.

1968: Varsity Gym completed.

1968: Belk Library completed.

1968: Cone Residence Hall completed.

1968: Coltrane Residence Hall completed.

1968: Hagaman Infirmary renovated (old nurses home).

1968: Watauga County Hospital renovated into Administration Building Annex.

1968: First White Residence Hall demolished.

1969: Sanford Hall completed.

1969: University Bookstore completed.

1969: Warehouse constructed.*


*Source: Physical Facilities Inventory, 2003

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