Appalachian State University Historical Timelines - Campus Buildings: 1970 - 1979

1970: Rankin Science Hall addition completed.

1970: Eggers Residence Hall completed.

1970: Mechanical and Electrical Building constructed adjacent to Steam Generator.*

1971: University Services Building constructed.*

1972: Broyhill Conference Center for Continuing Education opened.

1972: Mountaineer Apartments complex A completed.

1972: New Barn constructed.

1972: Warehouse Annex constructed.*

1973: Mountaineer Apartments complexes B-H completed.

1973: Water Treatment Plant constructed.

1974: Farthing Auditorium completed.

1974: Winkler Hall completed.

1975: Walker Hall completed.

1975: Steam Generator Plant renovated and renamed Physical Services Building.*

1975: Appalachian Elementary School discontinued, building renovated; renamed Daniel J. Whitener Hall.

1975: Garage and Grounds constructed.*

1976: Herbert Walter Wey Hall completed.

1977: Chemical Storage Building constructed.*

1979: Conrad Stadium rebuilt.


*Source: Physical Facilities Inventory, 2003

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