Appalachian State University Historical Timelines - Campus Buildings: 1980 - 1989

Early 1980s: Child Care Center (built 1928) purchased.

1980: Watauga Residence Hall demolished for Belk Library addition.

1980: Belk Residence Hall completed.

1980: Frank Residence Hall completed.

1980: Dark Sky Observatory completed.

1980-81: Administration Annex renamed Founders Hall.

1980-81: Cafeteria renamed Welborn Hall.

1980: Annas Student Support Building completed.

1980: Owens Field House dedicated.

1981: Faculty Apartments converted to co-educational dormitory for honors students; renamed Coffey Hall.

1983: Broyhill Music Center completed.

1983: Methodist Church, later renamed the Turchin Center, rebuilt after a fire.

1983: University Hall completed.

1984: Winn-Dixie at northeast corner of campus purchased, reopened as H’Appy’s.

1987: Quinn Recreation Center completed.

1987: Dougherty House moved to storage in an open field.

1987: Tomlinson Park dedicated.

1987: Auxiliary Warehouse constructed.*

1988: Conrad Stadium renamed Kidd-Brewer Stadium.

1988: H’Appy’s renovated and renamed Legends.

1989: Dougherty House purchased by Appalachian Heritage Museum and moved to US 321.


*Source: Physical Facilities Inventory, 2003

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