Appalachian State University Historical Timelines - Campus Buildings: 1990 - 1999

Early-Mid 1990s: 13 Faculty Houses on Faculty/Rivers St. gradually demolished.

Mid-1990s: Service Annex demolished.

Mid-1990s: Steam Generator Plant demolished.

1990: Raley Business Hall completed.

1990: Owens Field House renovations completed.

1991: Trivette Hall completed.

1993: Child Care Center renovated.*

1994: Appalachian Heights Apartments completed.

1994: Greenhouse completed; destroyed by fire 1997.

1994: Second Newland Hall demolished.

1996: Third Newland Hall completed.

1996: Thomas Academic Support Building completed.

1996: McKinney Alumni Center completed.

1996: Biology Greenhouse completed.

1997: Greenhouse destroyed by fire.

1997: Steam Generator Plant rebuilt on sight of Service Annex.


*Source: Physical Facilities Inventory, 2003

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