Appalachian State University Historical Timelines

Campus BuildingAn Appalachian State University timeline with links to selected photographs will soon be made available.

The Appalachian State University Historical Photograph Project is a grant funded program involving the digitization of seven thousand historical images of the Appalachian State campus, students, faculty, and events. The images are from 1899 to 1992.

The historical timelines outline general events, administration, faculty, and staff developments, academic curriculum and departmental developments, and the addition or destruction of campus buildings. General events include key campus developments, policy changes, student events, the development of student organizations, and the occasional protest. The administrational and employee outline covers the arrival of key administration and facutly members and faculty/staff organizations. The academic and departmental events timeline follows the development of campus academic programs. The building timeline traces the construction of campus buildings and their fates.

All timelines are intended as highlights and are not comprehensive.


General Events


Campus Buildings

four men

Academic Events

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Four students




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